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Saturday, June 18, 2016

Trend Watch 2016

(Edit: 6/2016; This is so like me. I wrote this in January! Lol!! Apparently I never published.)
I was doing my homework checking latest trends for 2016 and realized that everything I LOVE is "soooooo 2016"
1)  Wool Rugs...yes!!!!
2)  Encaustic Tile...gorgeous!
3)  Art Deco...1920's? Again, YES!! Tons of shapes and patterns, so much fun!
4)  Artisan focal points...we know how much we love makers and handmade.
All of this encompasses boho, rustic, industrial, eclectic, etc...mid century modern mixes right in too! 
Conclusion?  2016 Forecast?
       it is going to be