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Saturday, July 23, 2016

My Favorite Part

Authentic, found, happened-upon rusty goodness!

  In the hustle and grind of finding, hauling, cleaning, repairing, sharing...amazing junk, I'm reminded of why I love doing what we do:  amazing places in unlikely locations and collected treasures are a story all on their own, but what really fills my heart with love for this stuff?  People.  Listening to people talk about the hows, wheres and whys of their "junk".  When you listen to someone and watch them tell their own stories, you can't help but be inspired.  Old stuff, crazy Collectors and my patient, quiet state-of-mind (seriously, patience & quiet do not come easy for me. lol) is the perfect combination for renewing my creative energy.
   Now, where the heck did I put that paintbrush?

Friday, July 15, 2016

Our Class Schedule for August 2016

Time to get Crafty!!!

We are so excited to announce Nut & The Tree's opening of  "Studio 2" right next to True North [The Warehouse] and True North Garage.  Our August schedule is listed below.  Check our page on facebook for Events as they are added.   Our "Studio 2" will have a fun and laid back setting, so bring your friends and B.Y.O.B., we'll have a great time. 

This September we will have Kids Classes available for your little ones too.  See ya there!


   { Nut & The Tree }


Dixie Belle Paint Techniques    $70 per person

Thursday, 8/4/16  @ 6:00pm    
Wednesday, 8/10/16  @ 6:00pm

Oh my goodness!!  Easy Peasy Painting with Dixie Belle Paint.  We will go through 4 techniques that can be used when working with our paints.  You will leave Studio 2 with 2 of our 8oz paints and all the confidence to tackle some fun new projects.  

Dixie Belle B.Y.O.P.    $55 per person

Tuesday, 8/23/16  @ 5:30pm
Wednesday, 8/31/16  @ 5:30pm

Bring your own project (B.Y.O.P.) to Studio 2 and GET IT DONE!  This class gives personalized, hands-on guidance with that small project you’ve been hesitant to start on.  Small project pieces include things like:  frames, small boxes or crates, simple chairs, lamps, vases, etc… if there’s any question about a specific piece, you can always ask!   We are more than happy to help you get your projects done.  If you need help picking something out...Guess what?!  We know this really cool store, TRUE NORTH, that most likely has exactly what you need. You’ll be taking home your finished piece, along with whatever 8oz jar of Dixie Belle paint you picked out.      

Personalized Barn Wood Signs $35 per person

Thursday, 8/25/16  @ 6:00pm

Yep!  All those times you’ve said “I can totally make one of those.”, well...we’re totally going to make one of those. There are dozens of ways to do a project like this one. We will show you one of the simplest ways.  There’s no messing this one up.  Promise!  Bring home your personalized sign and hang it right on your front door so all your neighbors can admire your talent!  Oh, you also get to take home an 8oz jar of Dixie Belle paint!

Dreamcatchers    $35 per person

Tuesday, 8/30/16  @6:00pm

Do you read home decor magazines?   Do you shop hand-made markets?  I’m guessing  you’ve seen some Amazing Handmade Dreamcatchers.  In this class we will teach you how to make a Dreamcatcher and introduce you to some ideas on how you can “cheat” if you’re not comfortable using a needle and thread.  We will work together on your Dreamcatcher, styled the way you like. We will have hoops, thread, yarn, ribbon, beads, feathers, fabric, etc...available.   

Look for the STUDIO 2  Sign-Up Sheets at True North and True North [The Warehouse].  

Payment should be made prior to your day of class by Cash or Check, made out to Madonna Arnold, and dropped off at either TN locations in an envelope marked “Studio 2”.    
Class size is limited, so reserve your spot early.
Confirmation will be sent to the email you provide.  

You can also e-mail us

Class information is available on our website,  You can also follow us on instagram and facebook to see future class schedules.  
We will post info in the first week of each month for the following month’s classes.  

We’re looking forward to having you in Studio 2!

“Imperfection is Beauty.  Madness is Genius and
It’s better to be Absolutely Ridiculous, than Absolutely Boring.” -Unknown


Liberty Arts Festival Today

Liberty Arts Festival is today and we'll be over at the Creators' Village helping the kids get creative. This is a free event in Morris, IL.